After images NO / ZA – Utstilling ved Joakim Lund og Dr. Adriaan Landman


After Images: NO/ZA is a combined exhibition of miniature paintings by Joakim Lund and Adriaan Landman. The exhibition is reflective images of their trips to Africa and Scandinavia and celebrates a Norwegian-South African creative-educational connection between the College of Cape Town and Rogeland College. The miniature, Joakim Lund’s preferred format for painting was the ideal format to work in, as the size made it possible to transport works of art from Africa by plane.

Adriaan Landman’s work portrays the atmosphere, personality, folklore, history and light of the Nordic circle.  Many of the images derive from rippling water, reflections, ship masts, sea waves, sea farming, wind, rain, fjords, vegetation, woods, rock formations, mountains, weather, pale colours contrasted with dark brewing colours and diagonal lines found in the roofs of architectural structures in towns and cities.  It tries to capture a deep embedded melancholy and somberness found in Norwegian art, literature, drama and music. A group of the paintings are also inspired by the circular Angelica flower seen along the roads in the countryside.  The shape of these flowers bear resemblance to the gold necklaces of Viking Kings –buried and hideaway for centuries in dark monumental heaps or graves – waited to be discovered.

    Each Angelica looks like a union of flowers
    Can you hear all voices?
    The smallest ones only whisper
    While the biggest are singing arias,
    shaping a circle, praying for the sun to rise.
    • Stein Are Hansen, Norwegian Florist

In the end these images are imaginary symbols and icons, merged into the heart of the artist as unforgettable moments and precious friendships experienced in Norway.


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