Every year Haugesund International Filmfestival has a collaboration with Utsira county when it comes to showing some movies as a part of their program also at Utsira. This year we had 3 films from the Film Festival Program; Seyran Ateş – SEX, REVOLUTION and ISLAM, by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen, A-HA THE MOVIE, by Thomas Robsahm & Aslaug Holm and CLUE – MALTESERGÅTEN by Thale Persen. We were very pleased to have Seyran Ateş visiting Utsira for the very first time, and Joakim Lund har a talk with her, her nephew and the director of the film after the screening at Utsira. A great thank you to Haugesund International Filmfestival for the great collaboration!

The Amanda Award is visiting Utsira together with the Filmfestival
Seyran Ateş – Sex Revolution and Islam by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen – A great film that everyone should see.
Tugay Sarac, Nefise Özkal Lorentzen, Seyran Ateş and Marte Eide Klovning – Mayor of Utsira
A-ha – The Movie by Thomas Robsahm og Aslaug Holm – A great documentary about the band.