The Amanda is for the Norwegians just as famous as the American Oscar. The film award is the Norwegian Film Award and it is awarded people in the Norwegian film industry every August in Haugesund at The International Norwegian Film Festival. I have friends who has won this award before, and this year they made som specially designed mini-editions of the prize. The award is designed and sculptured by Kristian Kvakland and was first presented in the year of 1985.

THE AMANDA AWARD – by Joakim Lund 2021
THE AMANDA AWARD – by Joakim Lund 2021
THE AMANDA AWARD – by Joakim Lund 2021


Springtime in Haugesund. Beautiful Plum Blossoms coming as a true sign of springtime.

Plum Blossoms I – Joakim Lund 2020
Plum Blossoms II – Joakim Lund 2020
Plum Blossoms III – Joakim Lund 2020
Plum Blossoms IV – Joakim Lund 2020


While we are all “Waiting” for things to get back to normal again, I can offer you all a new chance to enjoy my Music Video from 2018. It has won several music video awards, and has been selected for over 30 different film festivals since 2018. Please stay safe, everyone, and take care of yourself and closest family.

Waiting – Music Video by Joakim Lund and Helge Kallevik – Lyrics by Henning Rasmussen – 2018


Mona Lisa Lund – Painting by Joakim Lund 1998

Mona Lisa Lund – 1998

22 years ago I painted the painting “Mona Lisa Lund”. Little did I know then that this would be bought by Haugesund Town Art Gallery for the collection, and being part of Vestlandsutstillingen 2000.

As a child I was surrounded by really strong female characters, and I also had a small 10x15cm postcard with Mona Lisa by Da Vinci on my light blue bedroom wall.

My mother, a hard working woman, who was never sick from work and always giving the extra percent, has always been a very important role model for me personally. I know she has inspired many other women too in taking leading positions both in work and politics.

The 8th of March is still an important day for all humankind still striving for equality among sexes when it comes to many different industries and equal payment for work. I look to the new generation of women and hope they will have to fight less, but never stop developing every society to become more democratic, more open and more equal.

My personal wish is that every women speaks out aloud and prove Mona Lisa Lund wrong!

PS: Somehow this also says something about the actuality when it comes to Corona Virus!


Is it Spring Yet I? Joakim Lund 2020
Is it Spring Yet II? Joakim Lund 2020
Is it Spring Yet III? Joakim Lund 2020

Still finding some leftovers from Autumn in February.


“Love Falls Softly” has been selected for 25 different International Film Festivals, has become Semi-Finalist 6 times, Finalist 2 times, and has won 5 Film Awards since 2017.

Enjoy another time this wonderful music video that was recorded in 2017 in the town hall of the city of Haugesund, Norway