15 Days of Sound Art

For the next 15 days I will present my Sound Art that was made in my parent’s home in Haugesund on a Hals Brothers Piano from 1914 in the year of 2002. 15 sound art works were put together as a group named “Classic disorders of White Keys and ill Artist”. All of these works will now be available on Youtube.

Melodié Palafalié

Tristesse for Hvite Tangenter I

Tristesse for Hvite Tangenter II

Tristesse for Hvite Tangenter III

Momento V

Momento X

Momento XV

Momento XX

Momento XXV

Klassisk Lidelse for Hvite Tangenter og Syk Kunstner

Ensom Tristesse

Melodié La Folié

Tristesse for Syk Kunstner I

Tristesse for Syk Kunstner II

Melodié Menlancolié

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