I wish you all a Merry Christmas for 2021. It´s been a tough year for everyone, so hopefully we can all relax a bit now, open up some presents, relax together with friends and family, and just enjoy the holidays. A Wonderful Christmas to everyone!


The Autumn Saloon is an Exhibition in Haugesund Art Society, Norway. A collective exhibition with national and international artists. Joakim Lund attends with his drawings of Ana May Wong this year.

Ana May Wong I – Drawing by Joakim Lund 2021
Ana May Wong II – Drawing by Joakim Lund 2021
Ana May Wong III – Drawing by Joakim Lund 2021
Ana May Wong IV – Drawing by Joakim Lund 2021


I have been asked to be the artist of the local festival – Siradagane 2021 here at Utsira this year. So I am looking forward in showing some of my digital prints to everyone on the island. I hope that a lot of people manage to see the exhibition. The festival is starting up on Friday 3rd of September until Sunday 5th of September. Have a wonderful festival everyone!

Siradagane 2021
Opening on Friday at 18:30 at Dalanustet. Welcome!
Marilyn Monroe – “Mysterious Monday”


Every year Haugesund International Filmfestival has a collaboration with Utsira county when it comes to showing some movies as a part of their program also at Utsira. This year we had 3 films from the Film Festival Program; Seyran Ateş – SEX, REVOLUTION and ISLAM, by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen, A-HA THE MOVIE, by Thomas Robsahm & Aslaug Holm and CLUE – MALTESERGÅTEN by Thale Persen. We were very pleased to have Seyran Ateş visiting Utsira for the very first time, and Joakim Lund har a talk with her, her nephew and the director of the film after the screening at Utsira. A great thank you to Haugesund International Filmfestival for the great collaboration!

The Amanda Award is visiting Utsira together with the Filmfestival
Seyran Ateş – Sex Revolution and Islam by Nefise Özkal Lorentzen – A great film that everyone should see.
Tugay Sarac, Nefise Özkal Lorentzen, Seyran Ateş and Marte Eide Klovning – Mayor of Utsira
A-ha – The Movie by Thomas Robsahm og Aslaug Holm – A great documentary about the band.


The weather around Utsira is powerful and always changing – Here a Rainbow.
The marina in the South of Utsira is a beautiful place to have your boat.
The sea is all around you at Utsira, and the landscape is so beautiful.
Sometimes when the wind blows with Storm the ferry enters the South of the island.
The fishing boats in the South of Utsira at sunset.


I just got a new job as principal at Utsira School that is located on an Island just outside Haugesund. It takes 70 min with a ferry ride to get there from the city center of Haugesund. Utsira is a beautiful iland, famous for its spectacular birdlife, lighthouse and wonderful seafood. So from now on I will live at Utsira county during weekdays. Here are some photos from the beautiful scenery at Utsira.

The ferry you have to take from Haugesund to get to Utsira.
The beautiful Lighthouse and a sea of roses in remembrance of 22. July.
The marina at the North of the island.
The lovely beach in the South of Utsira – Sørevågen.
The landscape and surroundings are breathtaking at Utsira.


Joakim Lund - Hurra for 17. Mai
Joakim Lund – Hurra for 17. Mai

17th of May is Norways National Holiday. Usually we have lots of parades and people gathering everywhere. But not this year. W always bring the closest family together on days like this and enjoy lots of good food, ice cream and plenty of cakes. It was a great and sunny day this year, but we all hope to enjoy it even more in the years to come again. Happy 17th of May to everyone! The Norwegian flag is also 200 years in 2021!

Joakim Lund – The Norwegian Flag – 200 years in 2021″


The Heron is a very special bird that lives in Haugesund and Norway. I have fallen in love with this bird from time to time, and it is not to easy to capture good photos from. But at least I got a few here the other day, please enjoy them.

THE HERON – by Joakim Lund 2021
THE HERON – by Joakim Lund 2021
THE HERON – by Joakim Lund 2021